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You found it!




Clearly, you’ve won… something.

But what? Perhaps it’s something intangible like the smell right before it rains. Maybe something fun, like a puppy or cotton candy. Could it be that it’s something contagious, like syphilis. We may never know.

Maybe if we ignore it long enough it will just go away.




This is where you can find the research and sources for each infoburst. You can also become an infoburst carrier (which is just as dangerous as it sounds).




Hint! Hint!
Look at the bottom of the page for the search box and some categories of infobursts to check out.
Explore the tabs at the top of the page to learn more about infobursts as a project.



  1. I found one! How can I become a carrier?

    • Yay! I’ll send you an email.

  2. Hey, I am out of infobursts! I need some more 🙂

    • There should be a new batch of then being made soon with lots of new infobursts and improvements!

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